Farm History

A sister and brother, who grew up cooling off in the creek on hot southern summer days and sliding on frozen ponds in the winter, are now seeing their kids do the same things in the same places. Magic, pure magic. Now the grandchildren roam the woods, hills, ravines, barn and creek and enjoy the favorite ritual of floating down the creek.

After the first year of gardening, we embarked on a journey to learn ways to build and protect the soil. We discovered composting, natural fertilizers, garden sprays we make with baking soda and oil, and many other things gleaned from organic gardening.

Over 200 acres of woods and pastures with ponds bordering Cypress Creek. An abandoned YMCA camp, with barns and cabins that were bought in 1973 and added on to through the years. This history of the land is rich with tales of how the Indians built dams to trap food and the soldiers refreshed the wounded at the springs. 

For almost 40 years, we have kept Rausch Farms free from toxic substances, learning every day how to care for each other and our earth. A place to gather, celebrate, connect, heal, listen, hear, play, and see the stars. A place to be. Rausch Farms.

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